32-Inch TV Viewing Distance: How Far Away To Sit? 

32-inch TV on a TV stand in a living room

Sitting at an optimal viewing distance from your 32-inch TV is important for getting good picture quality, optimal immersion, and a comfortable experience.

But if you look at the web for answers, you might get confused by the varying answers, and some of the answers are outdated. This is why we have put together our 32-inch TV viewing distance guide.   

How Far Away to Sit From A 32-inch TV? 

For a 32-inch 4k TV, you should sit 3.2 to 5.1 feet away from your TV screen to get optimal picture quality, immersion, and a comfortable experience. For a 32-inch 1080p TV, you should sit anywhere between 4.4 to 5.1 feet. For a 32-inch 720p TV, you should sit 6.88 feet away from the TV screen to get the best picture quality. 

Note: You can sit further away from the TV, but it will be at the cost of immersion levels. 

Answer for 32-inch 4K TV

For Mixed TV Usage in Living Rooms/Bedrooms: For mixed usage in Living Rooms or bedrooms, the recommended 32-inch 4k TV Viewing Distance is 4.4 to 5.1 feet based on SMPTE and THX.

For Home Cinema or Movies: For an immersive movie experience, the ideal 32-inch TV Viewing Distance is 3.2 feet based on THX 40 FOV. So this should be the distance from your TV to your first row of seats. You can also go for a bit less immersive 3.6 to 4.4 feet viewing distance which is based on THX 36 degree FOV and SMPTE 30 FOV.

For Gaming: If you are buying a TV for gaming only, you can sit as close as 2.15 feet to your 32-inch 4k TV. This will give you the most immersive gaming experience. 

Image showing a 32-inch TV and viewers on sofa at 32-inch TV viewing distance for 40 FOV, 30 FOV and 26 FOV
32-Inch 4K TV Recommended ByViewing Distance
Minimum/ Viewing Distance 
( For Gaming & Front Row Theater-like Immersion)
ITU 1.5 Picture Height based on 60 PPD (Around 58 FOV) 2.15 feet
Ideal Distance for Movies (Home Cinema)THX (40 Degree field of view)3.2 feet
Acceptable Viewing Distance for Home CinemaTHX (36 Field of View)3.6ft 
Distance for Mixed UsageLiving Rooms/Bedrooms)SMPTE ( 30 Degree Field of View)4.4 feet 
Max Allowed Distance THX 26 FOV5.1 feet

Answer for 32-inch 1080p HD TV

You should sit around 4.4 ft to 5.1 ft away from your 32-inch 1080p HD TV to get perfect image quality and viewing experience. The 4.4 feet is the designed viewing distance based on 32 FOV. 

32-Inch 1080p HD TV Recommended ByViewing Distance
Minimum/ Design Viewing Distance ITU, Sony 3 Picture Height for 60 PPD  (32 FOV)4.4 feet
Max Allowed Distance THX 26 FOV5.1 feet

Answer for 32-inch 720p TV

For a 32-inch 720p TV, you should sit at least 6.88 feet away from your 32-inch 720p TV to get the best viewing experience. 

32-Inch 8K TV Recommended ByViewing Distance
Optimal Viewing DistanceBased on 20 FOV (4.8 Picture Height By ITU6.88 ft

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How do We Calculate These Viewing Distances?

We need to know its dimensions to calculate the viewing distances for a particular TV size. Most 32-inch TVs are around 29.06 inches wide, 17.20 inches tall, and 3.11 inches thick. 

Note: TV dimensions may vary slightly from model to model and brand to brand. 

1- Designed Viewing Distance

These are the optimal viewing distance based on retinal resolution (60 Pixels Per Degree). These are the distances at which you can get full advantages of resolution. You can watch the full details the TV offers without seeing individual pixels. This distance varies with the resolution of the TV. Higher the resolution of the TV, the smaller the designed viewing distance.

If you look at the Viewing Distance on Sony’s Website, they have listed designed viewing distances for each TV size and resolution. 

1- 4k TVs Designed Viewing Distance Formula

Most of the 4k TVs are optimized for a 58-degree field of view. It means you can sit very close to the TVs to get a front-row cinema-like experience without discerning the pixels.

Designed Viewing Distance (4k TVs )= 1.5 x picture Height

2- 1080p TVs Designed Viewing Distance 

Most of the 1080p HD TVs are optimized for a 32-degree field of view. And this is where the SMPTE 30-degree FOV comes from. We can calculate the designed viewing distance of 1080p TVs as follows.

Designed Viewing Distance(1080P TVs )= 3.1 x Picture Height

3- 720p TVS designed Viewing Distance 

Most of the 720p TVs are optimized for a 20-degree field of view distance. 

Designed Viewing Distance(720p TVs )= 4.8x Picture Height

2-THX 40 FOV Viewing Distance

THX is a well-known organization that certifies cinemas and TVs. It found that the best viewing experience is when the TV is viewed at a 40 Degree FOV. At 40 Degrees FOV, you get optimum picture quality, immersion level, and comfort. 

3-SMPTE 30 FOV Viewing Distance

Society of Motion Picture Engineering (SMPTE) is another standardization organization that recommends a 30-degree FOV distance for best picture quality. It was originally optimized for 1080p TVs but later has been widely adopted for 4k TVs as well. 

Science Behind Viewing Distance

Human system has certain visual limitations. We have a horizontal field of view of around 180 degree and resolving power of 1 arc minute or 60 pixels per degree (60 PPD) for a healthy eye with 20/20 visual acuity.

Both of these factors vary with distance from the screen, therefore maintaining an optimal viewing distance becomes critical. 

Let me outline at the outset, the optimal viewing distances are trying to balance 3 desired factors. We want to sit at a distance where we can get the full benefit of resolution or at least avoid screen door effects, we want a good level of immersion and a comfortable experience.

1-Picture Quality (To Take Full Benefit of Resolution & avoid screen door effect)

2-Immersion (To get an immersive viewing experience)

3- Comfort  ( To Get Comfortable experience)

1- How Resolving Power of the Human Eye Relates to Viewing Distance?

Human eye has the resolving power of 1 arc per minute or 60 pixels per degree. This is the maximum detail our eyes can see in the display. And TV manufacturers design their TV for viewing at a distance where you get 60 PPD so you can get the full advantage of resolution without missing any details. 

If you go closer to the screen, you get fewer than 60 pixels per degree. And you can see the individual pixels and lines between them. This results in a screen door effect. 

While if you go away from the screen, you get more details than the 60 pixels per degree. As a result, your eyes can’t resolve the extra details and it is like you are not taking full advantage of the screen resolution.  

2- How  Field of View Relate to Viewing Distance?

Our total vision consists of around 135 degree of vertical and 180 degree of horizontal field of vision. For TVs, the horizontal field of view is important. 

The field of view is also dependent on the distance from the screen or any object for that matter.

Closer you get to the object, more of your field of vision is taken up by the screen or object. So the field of view determines the immersion. 

And away from the TV you are, a lesser part of your vision is taken up by the TV screen. So away from your TV you are, the less immersive it gets and more details you lose. But if you get too close to TV you might not be able to get the full view of the TV. 

Many Cinema Standard and Certification Organizations like THX and SMPTE did their research to know what is the right angle of vision for watching movies.

Their recommendations for maximum and minimum angle of vision are very helpful in determining the viewing distance for the best experience.

 Let’s have a look at the table for various field of views and their significance. Our 32-inch TV viewing distances were according to these FOVs.  

Organization NameRecommended Angle Recommended For
ITU, TV Manufacturers (SONY)32 FOV for HD, 56 FOV for 4k, 92 FOV for 8kDifferent For Different Resolution
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)30 Degree field of view1080P TVs, adopted widely for 4k as well.
THX 36 Degree field of view1080, 4k, 8k
Samsung & THX40 Degree field of view1080p, 4k, 8k

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