Can a TV Be Too Big? Yes, Here is When?

A man thinking can a TV be too big for his room?

If we look at the past 15 years, the average TV size in the USA went up from 32 inches to 50 inches in 2022. And in 2023, the most sought-after size is 65 inches.

The larger TV sizes result in a more immersive theater-like experience. And advancements in TV technology like LED, higher resolutions have reduced TV viewing distance, weights and even prices to some extent. 

In this context, let’s answer the question:

Can a TV Be Too Big?

A TV can be too big if your room size doesn’t have enough space to maintain the optimal viewing distance for a specific TV size. But if you have no space or budget constraints, no TV size is too big for you. Larger TVs can provide a more immersive and cinematic feel. And the last few years’ trends favor larger sizes. A few years before 65-inch TV was considered too big, but today it is the most sought-after TV size.

So, whether you have a 65-inch TV or an 85-inch smart TV, maintaining the proper viewing distance will ensure that your new TV is never too big and provides an enjoyable and immersive entertainment experience.

How do you know if the TV is too big for the room?

Each TV size requires us to maintain optimal viewing distance from the screen for the best viewing experience.This Viewing Distance aims at balancing 3 critical factors:

  • Picture Quality
  • Immersion
  • Comfort

We can use optimal TV viewing distance recommendations to determine if a TV size is too big or perfect for your room.

So here is the two-step process to determine if a TV is too big.

  1. Measure the distance between your TV location and the Seating distance in inches.
  2. All the TVs that require a bigger viewing distance than the available space in your room are too big.
  3. User the TV Viewing Distance table or our TV Size calculator to check the viewing distance

TV Viewing Distance Table

These viewing distances are applicable for all resolutions from 1080p, 4k to 8k. These are the optimal viewing distances that provide optimum resolution, immersion and comfort level. 

The SMPTE & THX viewing distances remain same for 1080p, 4k and even 8K. Only designed viewing distance changes with resolution. Only Designed Viewing Distances get smaller for 4k & 8k which often compromise your comfort.

TV SizeViewing Distance Range Viewing Distance
 (THX 40 FOV)
Viewing Distance 
32-inch3.2-4.3 feet3.2 feet4.3 feet
43-inch4.3-5.8 feet4.3 feet5.8 feet
50-inch5-6.8 feet5 feet6.8 feet
55-inch5.5-7.5 feet5.5 feet7.5 feet
60-inch6-8.2 feet6 feet8.2 feet 
65-inch6.5-8.9 feet6.5 feet8.9 feet
70-inch7-9.5 feet7 feet9.5 feet
75-inch7.5-10.2 feet7.5 feet10.2 feet
80-inch8-10.9 feet8 feet10.9 feet
85-inch8.5-11.6 feet8.5 feet11.6 feet
90-inch9-12.3 feet9 feet12.3 feet
95-inch9.5-12.9 feet9.5 feet12.9 feet
100-inch10-13.7 feet10 feet13.7 feet

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What to do if your tv is too big?

Your TV is too big when your room doesn’t have enough space to maintain optimal viewing distances. In that case, ask yourself if you want to keep the same TV size. If the answer is ‘NO’, you can return the TV and buy a smaller size.

But if you want to keep the TV size the same and don’t want to go smaller. You have two options:

1- Check if readjusting your furniture, you can create some room for the TV. If you can do that, go for that.

2-Check if the shortfall in viewing distance is within 1 feet range, you can keep the TV. You will sit closer to the TV and get Front-row cinema-like immersion. For instance, if your TV is 65 inches which requires 6.5 feet distance according to THX. But you can still go for it if you can maintain only 5.5 feet.

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4 Factors That Determine When a TV Size is Too BIG

1-TV Size & Viewing Distance

Each TV size requires us to maintain a specific viewing distance for optimal picture quality, immersion and comfort. Organizations like SMPTE and THX have recommended these viewing distances. 

If we don’t follow the optimal viewing distances in the table, we may not get best viewing experience.

2-Room Size and Decor

Your room size and decor are other factors determining if the TV is too big for you. For instance, your room size is 12×12, and after planning your room decor, you have only 6 feet between your couch and TV. In that case, a 65-inch TV will be too big for you because it requires 6.5 to 9.1 feet distance.

So consider the available wall space, furniture placement, and any potential obstacles affecting your viewing angles before choosing a TV size. 

For example, mounting a TV too high or too low on the wall can strain your neck and compromise your viewing experience. Choose a location that ensures a comfortable eye level for most of your seating area.

3-The Impact of Screen Resolution

The TV’s resolution is also a vital factor in your viewing experience. Higher resolution displays, like 4K TVs or 8K TVs, provide more clarity and detail on larger screens, making them an excellent choice for bigger TVs. Moreover, they have smaller designed viewing distances, but THX and SMPTE recommendations remain the same for both HD and UHD TVs. 

The improvement in picture quality is more noticeable on larger screens, so opting for a higher resolution can enhance your viewing pleasure, especially for movie buffs and gamers who crave the finest details and immersive visuals. 

4-Consideration for Different Room Types

The ideal TV size may vary based on the room’s primary use. For instance, a large TV might be preferred in a living room or media room where you frequently entertain guests or host movie nights to ensure everyone has a clear view from various seating positions. 

In contrast, a bedroom or a smaller space might benefit from more moderate screen size to maintain a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

The Case For Big TV

The allure of big TVs is undeniable. With advancements in display technology, modern televisions can offer breathtaking visuals and incredible detail. The larger screen size provides a sense of immersion, making you feel right in the heart of the action, whether watching an epic battle scene or exploring the ocean’s depths in a nature documentary. 

A big TV can elevate the home entertainment experience to new heights for movie enthusiasts, sports fans, and avid gamers.


While big TVs offer a captivating viewing experience, they can be too big for particular spaces. You can strike the perfect balance by considering your room size, viewing distance, and decor to create an immersive and enjoyable entertainment center. 

Remember that bigger isn’t always better, and choosing the right TV size optimizes your viewing pleasure and ensures your TV seamlessly integrates into your living space. With the right screen size, you can elevate your home entertainment to new heights and enjoy cinematic experiences in the comfort of your home.

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