What Size TV For A 14×16 Room? [Solved]

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Every TV size requires us to maintain a specific distance to get the best viewing experience. We call this the Optimal Viewing Distance for TV. It depends on the TV size and resolution. 

Thanks to organizations like SMPTE and THX, we now have tables that list the Optimal Viewing Distance for popular TV sizes. And we also have formulas to calculate TV sizes.

THX recommended viewing distance is for watching movies in home theater, while SMPTE recommended viewing distance is suitable for mixed usage in living rooms and bedrooms.

To determine the suitable TV sizes for a 14×16 room, first, we need to know the distance between your TV screen (TV wall or TV stand location) and the seating place (couch). Then we can easily determine the Right TV Size using SMPTE Tables & Formulas.

For Home theater experience, we can use THX Viewing Distance table & formula.

Recommended TV Size For 14×16 Feet Living Room 

Based on my experience, you can maintain as much as 10 feet of viewing distance in a 14×16 room, so you can choose TV sizes from 75-80 inches. The key here is to measure the distance you can maintain from your TV place and couch in your room. You can go bigger than this if you can maintain more than 11 feet distance required for bigger TV sizes. If due to your furniture placement, you can’t maintain 11 feet, you have to select the TV size according to the maintainable distance.

For example, if your room layout, furniture placement allows you to maintain 9 feet distance from the TV place, you should look for a recommended TV size for 9 feet viewing distance which is a 65-inch TV.

If You Can Maintain 10 feet distance can you still go for smaller size?

Yes, you can go for smaller sizes but then you need to sit at the optimal viewing distance as listed in the table for each size. But you should always go as big as the room size allows you. The research shows #1 reason for replacing old TVs is the smaller sizes. If your room size allows 11 feet distance, you should choose 80-85 inches. If you go smaller than that, you might regret it later.  

Here’s How You Can Determine the Right TV Size for a Living Room of 14×16 Room

1- Take a measuring tape and calculate the distance between your TV screen (TV wall or TV stand location) and your seating place. Note the distance in either inches or feet. 

2- Look at the SMPTE table for viewing distance for the LIVING room & bedroom. Or you can use SMPTE TV size Formula

SMPTE TV Size Calculator Formula

TV Size (inches)= Viewing Distance in (inches)/ 1.6

For instance, in my case viewing distance between TV location and couch is 120 inches. So,

TV Size (inches)= 120/1.6264 = 74 inches TV (Approx 75 inches)

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SMPTE Viewing Distance Table 30 FOV

SMPTE Viewing Distance For Living Room
SMPTE Viewing Distance For Living Room
Recommended TV Size(TV Sizes Diagonal)
52 Inches4.3 feet32 inches
70 inches5.8 feet43 inches
82 inches6.8 feet 50 inches
90 inches7.5 feet 55 inches
103 inches8.9 feet 65 inches
114 inches9.5 feet 70 inches
122 inches10.2 feet75 inches
131 inches10.9 feet 80 inches
139 inches11.6 feet85 inches

Recommended Screen Size For Home Cinema

Since in a 14×16 home theater room you can maintain 10 feet distance, you can go for up to 100 inches large screen if your budget allows you. For home cinema, you should go with THX recommended distances which recommend sitting relatively closer to TV for watching movies. THX recommends a 40 degree field of view for better immersion and presence like in theater.

Here’s How You Can Determine the Right TV Size for a Home Theater Room of 14×16 Room

1- Take a measuring tape and calculate the distance between your TV screen (TV wall or TV stand location) and your seating place. Note the distance in either inches or feet. 

3-Look at the THX distance table for the home theater setup, which is best for movies. Or use the THX formula.

THX Formula To Calculate TV Size

TV Size= Viewing Distances inches x 0.835

For instance, in my case viewing distance between TV location and couch is 120 inches. So,

TV Size (inches)= 120 inches x 0.835= 100 inch TV

THX Viewing Distance Table For 40 FOV

THX Viewing Distance InchesTHX View Distances(feet)TV size
38 inches3.2 feet32-inch
42 inches3.5 feet35-inch
48 inches4 feet40-inch
52 inches4.3 feet43-inch
60 inches5 feet50-inch
66 inches5.5 feet55-inch
72 inches6 feet60-inch
78 inches6.5 feet65-inch
84 inches7 feet70-inch
90 inches7.5 feet75-inch
96 inches8 feet80-inch
102 inches8.5 feet85-inch
108 inches9 feet90-inch
114 inches9.5 feet95-inch
120 inches10 feet100

Key Factors For Determining the Right TV Size For Your Room

Choosing the right TV size for your space can be overwhelming, but don’t worry – I’ve researched for you. Discover why an 85-inch TV is an excellent option for your 14×16 room.

1-Consider the distance

First and foremost, it’s essential to consider the distance between your TV and the seating area. As a general rule, the distance between your TV and the seating area should be around 1.5 times the diagonal width of your TV screen

“The diagonal width is the measurement from one corner of the TV screen to the opposite corner.”

The optimal viewing angle refers to the maximum angle at which you can watch your television without experiencing a decline in image quality. 

For a 14×16 room, an 80-85 inch TV is a perfect size as it provides an immersive experience without sacrificing picture quality or comfort.

Understand the Resolution

When selecting a TV, you also want to consider the resolution. 4K resolution is becoming increasingly common in modern TVs and delivers stunning visuals for your favorite movies and shows. It is almost a standard these days. 

With an 80-inch screen, a 4K resolution is necessary to ensure the picture remains crisp and clear. 

TV Placement & Height Must Be Accurate

Another aspect to consider is the wall space where you plan on placing your TV.

  • 1- Your wall should easily accommodate the TV
  • 2-You should be able to maintain 42 inches height from the ground to the center of your TV

If you have limited wall space, an 80-inch TV might not be feasible, but it can be a perfect fit if you have enough space. 

An 80-inch TV can fill a more oversized wall, making for a stunning focal point in your living room or home theater. Measuring your wall space before purchasing your TV is essential to ensure it will fit properly.

75-80 inches TV Looks Good 

The last thing you want is a TV that takes away from your room’s overall aesthetic. Luckily, many 80-inch TVs come with sleek and modern designs that complement any decor style. 

For example, some models have slim bezels, making the screen appear even more prominent. Also, some models come with stand options, while others can be wall-mounted.


Choosing the right size TV for your living room can be daunting, but an 80-inch TV is excellent for your 14×16 space. With the proper distance, resolution, wall space, and design, your TV viewing experience will be unbeatable. 

Whether you’re enjoying your favorite movie or binging your favorite series, an 80-inch TV will provide an immersive experience that will take your breath away. 

Please remember giant size tv means high resolution, which can affect your eyes. So ensure that you sit at a reasonable distance to watch tv. For an 80-inch tv, you need to sit at least 10 feet away. However, you can sit closer to the screen with low tv brightness. 

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