32 vs 43 vs 55-inch TV Size Comparison

Image showing a 32-inch TV vs 43-inch TV vs a 55-inch TV

One of the most popular screen sizes for bedrooms, RVs and small living rooms is 32, 43 and 55 inches. But which TV should you go with? 

Our comparison of 32 vs 43 vs 55 inches TV will help you decide the right TV size according to your room size.

Keep reading to learn:

  • Dimensions Comparison
  • Viewing Distance comparison
  • Room Size Comparison
  • Price & Feature Comparison
  • Our Recommendation for 32,43 & 55-inches
  • And a lot of pro tips!

32 vs 43 vs 55-inch TV Size Comparison Summary Table

32-inch TV43-inch TV55-inch TV
32-inch TVs are 27.9” wide 43-inch TVs are 37.5” wide55-inch TVs are 47.9” wide
32-inch TVs are 15.7” tall43-inch TV are 19.6” tall55-inch TVs are 21.1” tall
Occupies 438 sq. in areaOccupies 791 sq. in areaOccupies 1293 sq. in area
It’s 43% smaller area than 43, 66% small area than 55” TVIt’s 43% bigger area-wise than 32” & 39% smaller than 55” TVIt’s 66% bigger area-wise than 32” & 39% bigger than 43” TV
Require 3.2-4.3 ft viewing distanceRequire 5.3-5.8 ft viewing distanceRequire 6.8-7.5 ft viewing distance
Good for small rooms 7×7, 8×8 bedrooms, Kitchen,  RVsGood for 9×9,10×10 rooms, small  living roomsGood for 11×11, 12×12 room, small to medium living rooms
Usually 1080p Resolution, LED 1080p, 4k resolution, LED, OLED4k Resolution recommended, LED, OLED
Almost similar smart features availableAlmost similar smart features availableAlmost similar smart features available
$130-500 $200-800$400-1000
Check Price AmazonCheck Price AmazonCheck Price Amazon

32 vs 43 vs 55-inch TV Size Dimension Comparison

32 vs 43 vs 55-inch TV Size Comparison
  • 32-inch TV Dimensions: A 32-inch TV is 27.9 inches wide, 15.7 inches tall and occupies 438 sq. inches of area. So A 32-inch TV is 45% smaller in area than a 43-inch TV and 66% smaller than a 55-inches TV.
  • 43-inch TV Dimensions: A 43-inch TV is 37.5 inches wide, 21.1 inches tall and occupies 791 sq. in area. A 43-inch TV is 10.2 inches wider than a 32-inch TV, while a 55-inch TV is 9.8 inches wider than a 43-inch TV. It is area-wise 43% bigger than 32-inch TV while 39% smaller than a 55-inch TV.
  • 55-inch TV Dimensions: A 55-inch TV is 47.9 inches wide, 27 inches tall, and occupies 1293 sq. in area. A 55-inch TV is 66% bigger than 32-inch TV and 39% bigger than 43-inch TV.
Dimension32-inch TV43-inch TV55-inch TV
Width27.9 in37.5 in47.9 in
Height15.7 in21.1 in27 in
Area438 in²791 in²1293 in²

Viewing Distance Comparison For 32 vs 43 vs 55-inch TVs 

Since 32-55 inch TVs are mostly used in bedrooms, RVs and small living rooms for mixed usage. So we will follow SMPTE and Panasonic recommendations for viewing distance.

SMPTE recommends a distance where the screen takes up a 30-degree field of view. This distance can easily be calculated with the following formula.

TV Viewing Distance (inches)= TV Size x 1.6235

While Panasonic recommends a 32-degree field of view which we can calculate as follows:

TV viewing Distance ( inches)= TV size x 1.5

Here’s the table listing viewing distances for each TV size. Please note this distance is recommended for mixed usage in living rooms and bedrooms.

TV Size 32 FOV Viewing DistanceSMPTE 30 FOV Distance
32-inch TV3.2 ft4.3 ft
43-inch TV5.3 ft5.8 ft 
55-Inch TV6.8 ft7.5 ft

Room Size Comparison for 32 vs 43 vs 55 inches TV

Different TV sizes are suitable for different room sizes. Using the recommended viewing distance for various TV sizes, we can easily determine which TV sizes are suitable for which size Rooms.

Room Size for 32-inch TV: A 32-inch TV is good for tiny rooms of 7×7 to 8×8 because here you can easily adjust the TV and can maintain a 3.2-4.3 feet recommended viewing distance. A 32-inch TV is mostly used in small bedrooms, kitchens and RVs.

Room Size for 43-inch TV: A 43-inch TV is good for 10×10 or larger rooms because you can maintain a 5.3-5.8 feet viewing distance. It is also a good size for master bedrooms and standard living rooms.

Room Size for 55-inch TV: A 55-inch TV is good for 12×12 or larger rooms because you can maintain the required viewing distance of 6.8-7.5 feet easily. The 55-inch TV is used in master bedrooms and medium to large size living rooms. 

Price & Features Comparison

Regarding features and pricing, you get what you pay for. The only noticeable difference is that most 32-inch TVs are 1080p TVs and LED screens. While in 43 & 55 inches, you can get both 1080p to 4k resolution and lead to OLED screens. 

You can get almost similar smart features in every size. 

Our Recommendation for 32,43 & 55 Inches TV

1- SAMSUNG 32-Inch QLED 4K Q60C Series 

Samsung Q60C is the 2023 release which is available in 32-inch size with 4k resolution and all smart features. In my experience, it is one of the best QLED 32-inch TVs. It performs really well in a bright environment due to its QLED display. 

It comes with a 60hz refresh rate, and the input lag is also very low. So, it is a decent TV for gaming. 

It is a good 32-inch TV but still lacks some features that lack advanced gaming capabilities and local dimming. 

1- SAMSUNG 32-Inch QLED 4K Q60C Series 

2-Sony X85K 43-55 inches

Sony X85K is a top-class TV that comes in all popular sizes. It performs really well in almost every scenario. If you need to watch movies in the dark, it will give you superb picture quality.

It is a fully smart TV with a really intuitive Google TV interface. It also has some advanced gaming capabilities, like a 120Hz refresh rate with VRR and HDMI 2.1 ports. 

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