What TV Size for 12×12 Room? [Solved & Explained]

A woman thinking what TV size for 12x12 room will be the right Size?

Do you need help finding the perfect TV size for your 12×12 room? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Luckily, the organizations like SMPTE have viewing distance tables & formulas for TV sizes, which we can use to find the right TV size for any room size.

And the process is really simple, just 3 steps! But I have for you a pro tip first.

Different Organizations like SMPTE, THX and Panasonic recommend different TV sizes for the same viewing distances. But let me make it easy for you, THX viewing distances are for Home theater setup for an immersive experience for 4k TVs. SMPTE & Panasonic recommendations are for mixed and casual usage in the living room for both 4k & 1080p TVs.

Finding Right TV Size for 12×12 Living Room

1- First, plan your room layout and furniture placement, and identify the TV location and seating place.

2- With a measuring tape, measure the distance from your TV location (wall or stand) and seating place (couch or bed).

For instance, I planned my room layout and furniture in a way that the distance between the TV location and the sofa was 7 feet.

3- Now divide your available viewing distance (mine was 84 inches) by 1.6235 using the SMPTE formula. Or Panasonic formula. The answer will be your recommended TV size. You can also get the TV size from the table below for your viewing distance.

1-SMPTE Viewing Distance Formula

Viewing Distance in (inches)/ 1.6235= TV Size (inches)

84 inches/ 1.6235= 51 Inches (Recommended TV Size 50 Inches)

2- Panasonic Viewing Distance Formula

Viewing Distance in (inches)/ 1.5= TV Size (inches)

84 inches/ 1.5= 56 Inches (Recommended TV Size 55 Inches)

Note: After dividing your viewing distance, if you get a TV size like 51 inches or 56 inches which may not be available on the market, you should buy the closest TV size like 50-inches or 55 inches TV. You can confirm this from the table, which lists Viewing Distances for popular TV sizes that are available in the market.

SMPTE Viewing Distance Table 30 FOV

SMPTE Viewing Distance For Living Room
SMPTE Viewing Distance For Living Room
Recommended TV Size(TV Sizes Diagonal)
54 Inches4.5 feet32 inches
72 inches6 feet43-inches
84 inches7 feet 50 inches
93 inches7.7 feet 55 inches
109 inches9.1 feet 65 inches
118 inches9.8 feet 70 inches
126 inches10.5 feet75 inches
135 inches11.2 feet 80 inches
139.211.6 feet83 inches
143 inches11.9 feet85 inches

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Recommended TV Size For 12×12 Sq. feet Living Room 

In my experience, no matter how you plan your room layout and furniture placement, you can maintain 7-8.1 feet distance. So, you can go for 50 to 55 inches TV. The key is to measure the distance from the TV Stand/wall location to your front couch and choose the TV size according to your viewing distance from the TV. Select 50-inch TV for 7 feet viewing distance and 65-inch TV size for 8-9 feet viewing distance. 

But if your room does not allow you to maintain 8.1-9.1 feet distance, then 65-inch TV will be too big for you.

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How to Find the Right TV Size for 12×12 Home Theater Room

1- First, plan your room home theater layout with 2 rows or 1-row seats as you want.

2- Take a measuring tape and measure the distance between your TV location and first row in inches. For instance, in my case it was (96 inches) 8 feet.

3-Look at the THX distance table for the home theater setup, which is best for movies. Or use the THX formula.

THX Formula To Calculate TV Size

TV Size= Viewing Distances inches x 0.835

For instance, in my case viewing distance between TV location and seat is 96 inches. So,

TV Size (inches)=96 inches x 0.835= 80 inches TV

So for a 12×12 home theater room, you can go for a 80-inches TV if you can maintain 8 feet distance from the TV to first row and adjust row of seats. You can go for bigger TV sizes if you can maintain more than 8 inches. In any case, plan your home theater room layout with seating rows first, then measure the viewing distance and choose the TV size according to THX recommended viewing distances. 

THX Viewing Distance InchesTHX View Distances(feet)TV size
38 inches3.2 feet32-inch
42 inches3.5 feet35-inch
48 inches4 feet40-inch
52 inches4.3 feet43-inch
60 inches5 feet50-inch
66 inches5.5 feet55-inch
72 inches6 feet60-inch
78 inches6.5 feet65-inch
84 inches7 feet70-inch
90 inches7.5 feet75-inch
96 inches8 feet80-inch
102 inches8.5 feet85-inch
108 inches9 feet90-inch
114 inches9.5 feet95-inch
120 inches10 feet100

Key Factors That Determine the Right TV Size For Your Room

1-Your room layout & furniture placement

Your room layout planning and furniture placement will decide where you will install the TV and how much viewing distance you will have from your TV location to your sitting place. In home theater setup, seat size and number of rows will decide how much distance will be left for you from your TV.

2-Optimal Viewing Distance For TV Size

For the best viewing experience, we need to be at a specific distance from the screen. SMPTE, Panasonic and THX have given some simple formulas to calculate the viewing distance for your TV. We will use these formulas to determine the TV size for our room.

1SMPTE Formula For Mixed Usage in Living Room/Bedroom (1080p & 4k TVs)

TV Size (Diagonal)= Viewing Distance inches/ 1.6

2-Panasonic Recommended Formula For Mixed Usage in Living/Bedroom (1080p & 4k TVs)

TV Size (Diagonal)= Viewing Distance/ 1.5

3-THX Formula For Watching Movies in Home Theatre (4K TVs)

TV Size Diagonal = Viewing Distance inches /1.2

3-Personal Preferences (including Budget)

As always, what matters the most is you. Your preferences, your experiences and your budget. You may prefer to sit closer to the TV or farther, depending on your experience. You can go for a 50, 55 or 65-inch TV based on your budget or liking.

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Our Top Recommendations For 50-65 inch TVS

Samsung QN90CD 50-65 inches TV

You can get Samsung Q90C for all recommended sizes for 12×12 room like 50, 55 & 65 inches. Samsung Q90B TV was released in 2023, so it comes with the latest tech. It is feature-rich TV and performs better in every department like watching movies, TV shows and sports. You get a 4k QLED screen with superb picture quality due to high contrast ratios, wide color gamut, and viewing angles.

When it comes to gaming, it is a flagship. It supports 120 Hz at 4k with a variable refresh rate. Only a few TVs on the market I have seen can do that. But like any flagship product, it is a high-budget product.


So for your 12×12 room living, the right TV size will be between 50,55, & 65 inches TVs depending upon available viewing distance in your room. For 12×12 theatre room, the right distance will be 80-inches if you can maintain 8 feet. The bottom line is to measure the distance from the TV location to your couch first and then choose the TV size accordingly.

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