What TV Size for 10×10 Room? [Explained For Beginners]

A 10X10 room with TV stand, Sofa & chair.

Do you need help finding the perfect TV size for your 10×10 room? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Luckily, the organizations like SMPTE have viewing distance tables & formulas which we can use to find the right TV size for any room size.

And the process is really simple, just 3 steps!

Here’s How to Find the Right TV Size for 10×10 Room

1- First, plan your room layout and furniture placement, and identify the TV location and seating place.

2- With a measuring tape, measure the distance from your TV location (wall or stand) and seating place (couch or bed). For instance, in my case, it was 6 feet (72 inches)

3- Now divide your available viewing distance (mine was 72 inches) by 1.6235 using this formula or look into the viewing distance table. Now confirm the TV size from the Table. For instance, for 72 inches, the Table shows a 43-inches TV.

1-SMPTE Viewing Distance Formula

Viewing Distance in (inches)/ 1.6235= TV Size (inches)

72 inches/ 1.6235= 44 Inches approx. (43-inches Answer)

2- Panasonic Viewing Distance Formula

Viewing Distance in (inches)/ 1.5= TV Size (inches)

72 inches/ 1.6235= 48 Inches approx. (50-inches Answer)

So, the answer is a 43-50 inches TV if you can maintain 6 feet viewing distnace.

You can let us know in the comment, what TV size you have got based on your available viewing distance?

SMPTE Viewing Distance Table 30 FOV

SMPTE Viewing Distance For Living Room
SMPTE Viewing Distance For Living Room
Recommended TV Size(TV Sizes Diagonal)
52 Inches4.3 feet32 inches
70 inches5.8 feet43 inches
82 inches6.8 feet 50 inches
90 inches7.5 feet 55 inches
103 inches8.9 feet 65 inches
114 inches9.5 feet 70 inches
122 inches10.2 feet75 inches
131 inches10.9 feet 80 inches
139 inches11.6 feet85 inches

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Recommended TV Size For 10×10 Feet Room 

In my experience, after your planning your room layout, furniture and TV location. You can easily maintain a viewing distance of 6 feet in a 10×10 room, and based on SMPTE recommendations, you can choose TV sizes like 43-50 inches.

The key is to measure the distance from the TV Stand/wall location to your front couch. Select 50-inch TV for 7 feet viewing distance and 43-inch TV size if the available distance in your room is 6 feet.

For example, if your room layout allows you to maintain 4.5 feet distance from the TV place, you should look for a recommended TV size of 4.5 feet on the table, which is a 32-inch TV.

Key Factors That Determine the Right TV Size For Your Room

3 key factors will decide your TV size:

1-Your room layout & furniture placement

Your room layout planning and furniture placement will decide where you will install the TV and how much viewing distance you will have from your TV location to your sitting place.

2-Optimal Viewing Distance For TV Size

For the best viewing experience, we need to be at a specific distance from the screen. SMPTE & THX have given some simple formulas to calculate viewing distance for your TV. We will use these formulas to determine the TV size for our room.

SMPTE Formula: TV Size (Diagonal) x 1.6= Viewing Distance

THX Formula: TV Size Diagonal x 1.2= Viewing Distance

3-Personal Preferences (including Budget)

As always, what matters the most is you. Your preferences, your experiences and your budget. You may prefer a 43-inch or 50-inch TV based on your budget or liking.

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Our Top Recommendations For 43-50 inch TVS

1-Samsung Q90B

Samsung Q90B is one of the best 43-50 TV that you can buy for your 10×10 room. The TV has superb picture quality, and we highly recommend it for bright rooms. The contrast ratios are also high, and it has a local dimming feature. Build quality, colors, and HDR capabilities are very impressive.

TV is good for watching sports due to its quick response time and wide viewing angle. It also has a 120Hz variable refresh rate for the best viewing experience. It is compatible with PS5 & Xbox Series X for 4k @120 Hz.

In my experience, it is also good value for money.

Samsung Q90B 43-50 inch TV sizes are good for 10x10 room.


So the perfect TV size for your 10×10 room can be between 43-50 inches depending upon your viewing distance. The bottom line is to measure the distance from the TV location to your couch first and then choose the TV size accordingly.

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