Is a 55-inch TV Too Big? [Explained For Beginners]

A man thinking is 55-inch TV too big for his room?

For the best viewing experience always choose the right TV size according to your room size and layout.  

If you are going to buy a new TV but you are unsure whether 55 inches will be a good size for your room or not, you are at the right place.

Let’s first give a quick answer to your query: is a 55-inch TV too big? Then we will move into some necessary details and reasoning.

Is a 55-inch TV Too Big?

A 55-inch TV is good for rooms of 120 sq. ft or above like standard living rooms, secondary bedrooms, and standard guest rooms. In these rooms, you can maintain the ideal 55-inch TV viewing distance of 5.5-7.7 ft. But a 55-inch TV is too big for small bedrooms of 100 sq. ft and less. For studio apartments of 250-500 sq. ft if you can easily maintain a viewing distance of 7.7 ft, a 55-inch TV is a good choice. But if you can’t keep that viewing distance then a 55-inch TV will look too big and you should go with a smaller size like 43-inches.

In other words, if your room size is (7×7, 7×8, 8×8, 8×9, 9×9, 9×10, 10×10 sq. ft), a 55-inch TV is not a good size for you. But for medium rooms (10×12, 11×11, 11×12 sq. ft), a 55-inch TV is a good choice. 

When buying a TV, it’s always better to go with bigger sizes if your budget allows you and your room have enough size. Because #1 Buyer Remorse about TVs is buying smaller size.

Moreover, with the advanced smart features, TVs are becoming portable and lightweight, at relatively cheaper prices, and with their higher resolution LED TVs the viewing distance has been reduced. 

Now let’s uncover three crucial factors to determine whether the TV is in good size or it’s too big for you. 

Factors that Determine TV Size

If you don’t have budget issues, you should consider the following 3 factors before finalizing a TV size for your room  

1-Viewing Distance

The viewing distance is a very critical factor to consider as it decides which TV size will be ideal for your room. The viewing distance varies with the screen sizes and their resolution. 

For a 55-inch TV, you need to maintain 5.5-7.7 feet for watching movies and other TV shows. For gaming, you can sit at a lesser distance for a better gaming experience. The distance of 5.5 feet is based on the latest recommendations by THX for 4K TVs while 7.7 feet for both 4K and 1080p TVs by SMPTE. 

By sitting closer to this distance, you will feel uncomfortable as you will strain your eyes and neck.

How High Should You Mount a 55-inch TV?

A 55-inch TV should be mounted 28 inches from the floor to the bottom of your TV screen. By doing this you can maintain the recommended distance of 42 inches from the center of the TV screen to the floor. But you should make sure that the level of your eyes is balanced on the center of your TV.

2-Personal Preference

Although 5.5 is the recent recommendation by THX for a 55-in TV viewing distance, most of the people including myself, love to sit closer. But, still, many people like to maintain a larger viewing distance of 7.7 feet for their own comfort. 

Therefore, personal preference is also important so you won’t regret buying it. Based on two types of users, we can give you some guidance.        

We have observed that gamers and those who want to enjoy the theater experience at home sitting at a closer distance for a better experience. On the other hand, some people want to watch TV in a normal routine like maintaining a larger viewing distance. 

As we have gone through the viewing distance for a 55-inch TV, now let’s have a look at your room size and whether it allows you to maintain that distance or not.

3-Room Size & Layout

Room size and its layout is also an important factor to consider before finalizing a TV. You can go with a 55-inch TV if your room size allows you to maintain the required viewing distance of 7.7 feet. 

The layout of the room is also an essential factor to consider. Sometimes your room size doesn’t allow you to change the position of the bed and other furniture in your room. Moreover, you should make sure whether you’re going to mount it on the wall or place it on the stand, it will help you find your viewing distance. 

Is a 55-inch TV Too Big for a Small Room?

Yes, a 55-inch TV is too big for a small room of 100 sq. ft or less. A 55-inch TV requires maintaining a maximum viewing distance of 7.7 feet from the couch to the TV screen. Although 5.5 feet is the recommended distance for a 55-inch TV by THX, most people don’t feel comfortable sitting at that close distance. They want to maintain 7-8 feet from the screen. 

For a smaller room, you can go with a 32-inch to 43-inch TV.

Is a 55-inch TV Too Big for the Bedroom?

A 55-inch TV is too big for a standard-size bedroom of 10×10. But for a medium size bedroom of 10×12 or above, a 55-inch TV is the perfect size to go with. You can maintain the viewing distance of 5.5 to 7.7 feet required for a 55-inch TV.

Is 55-inch TV too Big for The Apartment?

A 55-inch TV is okay for medium size apartments of 650 sq. feet or above. These apartments consist of one bedroom or living room having enough space to maintain a maxim viewing distance of 7.7 feet. 

But a 55-inch TV can be too big for small studio apartments of 250-450 sq. feet. These apartments have very small bedrooms of 10×10, and you can’t maintain a maximum viewing distance of 7.7 feet from the screen in these rooms. You should remember that a viewing distance of 7.7 feet is recommended for safety measures, but you must maintain the minimum viewing distance of 5.5 feet according to the latest recommendations by THX. 

Is a 55-inch TV Big Enough for the Living Room?

For a medium size living room of 13×13 or so, a 55-inch TV is a good choice. You can easily maintain the maximum viewing distance of 7.7 in these rooms. But for a larger living room of 14×16 or so, you should go with a relatively larger size, preferably 65-inch or even 75-inch if your budget allows you. 

55-inch TV vs 65-inch & 43-inch TV Size Comparison

If we look into their actual dimensions, a 55-inch TV is around 10 inches wider and 5 inches taller than a 43-inch TV. A 55-inch TV needs to keep the viewing distance more than that of a 43-inch TV.

Similarly, if we compare the dimension of a 55-inch TV with a 65-inch TV, 65-inch TV is around 9 inches wider and around 5 inches taller than 55-inch TV. Moreover, a 65-inch TV requires keeping the viewing distance 2 feet more than a 55-inch TV. 

TV SizeWidthHeightViewing Distance
43-inch38223.5-6 ft
55-inch47.9” 27”5.5-7.7 ft
65-inch56.7″31.9″ 6.5-9.1 ft

Wrapping Up

Is a 55-inch TV too big? You have got your answer, as it is not big for medium-sized rooms. If you want to experience the theater at home, a 55-inch TV is a smaller size. But for a small room of around 100 sq. ft or less, a 55-inch TV is too big as you can’t maintain the required viewing distance of 7.7 feet in these rooms. 


Is a 55-inch TV too Big for Gaming?

It depends on your gaming setup. If you play games sitting at your couch at reasonable distance from TV, 55-inch TV is not too big for gaming purposes. For using TV as gaming monitor on your desk, mostly smaller size TVs are preferred. As you need to keep your focus on the whole screen while playing fast-paced action games.

How far should you sit from a 55-inch TV?

You should sit around 5.5 to 7.7 feet from a 55-inch TV for a comfortable viewing experience. The viewing distance of 5.5 feet is by recent recommendations of THX, while 7.7 feet is recommended by SMPTE.

Is a 55-inch TV big enough?

It depends upon your room size, available viewing distance, and personal preferences. For a standard size living room or bedroom, a 55-inch TV is a perfect size, but for larger size living rooms, or master bedrooms, we will recommend you go with 65 or 75 inches. 

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